Organic proves its worth in the crisis

Customers would like more regional marketing
Organic groups in different countries and IFOAM in particular (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements) are all striving to achieve the aim of organic worldwide.
Most organic consumers want to see organic products on their doorstep.

The success of marketing concepts that concentrate on regional marketing is a reflection of this need.

We see the idea in the very name of the specialist organic store in Paris, Le Retour à la Terre (Return to the Earth). The owner, Catherine Chalom reports after one year: “We have been very successful in the first twelve months and have recently brought a new wave of customers into the shop.”

Chalom sources some of the fruit and the honey from her own fruit plantation in Normandy.

As well as organic customers the store attracts gourmet shoppers who are on the lookout for special taste variants.

However, as she points out, you have to keep an eye on the conventional market with its favourable price offers. Here the products often come from distant, low wage countries and have to be transported at high cost. “On the one hand organic organizations in France want to stimulate production locally, so that the consumer can be supplied with fresh organic food from the region, but on the other hand the competition can’t be ignored,” says Chalom. She welcomes the tax reduction the state has given organic farmers.
extract of Biofach magazine
author : Kai Kreuzer editor of Biofach newsletter